Monday, July 26, 2010

Season of Change

We seem to be in a season of change...I'm seeing a lot of change happening around me as well as dreaming about change in different ways. I'm also reading about others who are seeing changes happen around them as well. You say, change always happens, so what's so special about this change?

I'm no prophet but this change is definitely different; it's a change to establish all change, if that makes any seems to be a turning point change for the Kingdom of God and the whole world as well. The word change is defined as, " the act or an instance of making or becoming different; a new experience".

The other cool thing is I've been dreaming of picking up change (coins) for a few months now, while another friend I know has been physically seeing change (coins) in different places...I know the Lord is emphasizing the season of change we are entering or the new experience we shall be experiencing if you will.

So what does one do in change? Watch carefully, ignore the distractions of the enemy, listen closely, and remain connected to Jesus; this is the key, remaining connected to Him and the others will likely fall into place.

Get ready for change!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Can Smell the Rain !

I know oh so well, the smell of rain having grown up in the tropical city of Lagos. First the dusty swirl, then the winds pick up quickly and the sun darkens and you rush to close already rattling windows while doors slam ahead of you...And through all this, you actually smell the rain before it comes pouring down; I can't explain it but it smells like a mixture of dew, dust and wind if that makes any sense.

I can smell the rain now! This time it's a different kind of rain - it's the rain of His Presence. You see when you're used to smelling physical rain, smelling spiritual rain comes naturally to you...I can only say that His Presence is set to be released all over the earth. We have enjoyed the 'dew and dust' for years, we have also enjoyed the 'wind' as well and they were all good; but what's about to come now is the all-encompassing, release of God Himself.

How do I know this? Well the the earth is getting darker, the windows of my soul are rattling and the doors of hell are slamming in terror of the coming get ready! He comes again as in Wales and Asuza, only much more! Get ready for a huge downpour!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Book of Revelation

Have you ever read through the Book of Revelation in the Bible and wondered, 'what on earth...?' about all the symbolism and prophecies. I literally have always read it as a storybook while asking the Spirit of God for understanding but recently, a flurry of God-incidences have led me back to study it in-depth.

I believe we're about to see very soon a lot from the Book of Revelation begin to transpire, God is drawing so many back to this book to study and be aware of the next phase the Body is about to enter. I also notice my interest for the Book of Ezekiel and the study of the history of Israel is beginning to increase; we are getting set for the end of the world as we know it and transitioning into a world that we need absolute guidance from the Holy Spirit to live and move and have our being.

Israel is like a prophetic time-clock and watching events unfold there is a sign to the Body of Christ; even the heavens are declaring it. A couple of years ago I saw a sign in the skies - clouds 'dancing back and forth' like lights. I called my family to behold the unusual sight with me and even though we could not explain it, I sensed it was a sign of the end times as spoken of in Matthew 24.

What should we be doing in this season? Become fearful? No! We should rejoice and draw even closer to Him, that will be our saving grace. As the world gets darker, the promise is that we will shine brighter...but we need to be one with Jesus, not with the world, but with Jesus and Him alone.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

War Cry From Heaven!

I feel in my spirit that this year we will bring forth the shout of the Lord that has been embedded deep in our spirits. We all have a deep cry in our hearts of unfinished, prolonged and delayed promises, some of which have been hindered by hell; but this is the year for them to begin to come forth! Not without a shout...not without A SHOUT! A war cry from Heaven!

We are only in the third month of 2009 but I have already on several occasions found myself letting out a loud shout from my spirit into the atmosphere such that I even surprised myself saying, "where did that come from?" But I believe we are releasing on earth what is currently happening in heaven - the victory shouts of the heavenly hosts who are preparing for the final confrontation with hell's forces.

Joshua 6:20 says "...they gave a loud shout, and the walls collapsed..." [Good News Bible]; I believe this encapsulates what the year 2009 is all about. As we give A LOUD SHOUT, all walls keeping us hedged in and preventing us from accessing our Promised Land and destiny for this new season SHALL COME DOWN!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Taking Out the Precious From the Vile

I think the major culture shock for me in relocating to North America was the bad language or 'swearing'; I always winced (and still do) everytime someone let out expletives beside me and as I took an unscientific poll, I discovered it was a common occurrence.

While reading my bible, I came across this verse a few days ago in Jeremiah 15:19 "..If you take out the precious from the vile, you shall be as my mouth.." I realized that this is a big issue for God that we keep our language pure, not only in Church on Sundays, but everyday so we can hear Him and speak on His behalf.

Swearing has become a way of life for most here but there is still a remnant who have refused to be drawn into the ways of the world just to belong and instead have decided to watch what we speak. It requires a dedicated 'watching' and a determined adherence to the ways of the Holy Spirit by His grace like all other things in the kingdom.

I know it makes a difference but never knew how much of a difference it made until Jesse came back from school one day with an interesting story of how one kid swore beside him and the other 'shushed' his friend up saying, "Don't you know Jesse doesn't like swearing...he's religious". So the world knows the difference, they're watching what we say and do even closer than we are! So take the vile out of your language and speak only precious words of blessing to your hearers.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

How Deep and How High Can You Go?

I just came out of a conference in my home church called "Going Deeper, Going Higher", and it literally was a life-changing so? Well for one, I went deeper and higher! But you think I'm playing on words here, truth is it was a conference with a difference.

Interestingly the first so-named conference in our church and not with any preconceived agenda but to wait in His Presence and 'see what He would say'; and oh, did He say! The prophetic worship of the Rivieras took me straight into His presence and I found myself basking there for hours even after the speakers came up...I still felt the 'glow'. I came away with a deep resolve to go after Him harder, but much more, to do the works of the Lord boldly and proclaim Him at any given opportunity! How awesome He is, selah!

I also came away with a burning fire in the depths of my belly to impart this to my 'marketplace'; you know that's where we are called to, where we interact everyday.
For me this would be my workplace and my immediate neighbors...where would this be for you?
This year promises to be very exciting and intense already, let's engage with Holy Spirit to prepare for the glory! Shandai!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Broken for His Glory

Who would have thought when I look back over the past 5 years that I would be the way I am today...broken for His glory. When I look back and remember my character, religious pride and performance mentality over the the years, I cringe. Yet, the cleansing is still going on, I am being broken and cleansed, broken and cleansed, broken and cleansed; all for Him.

I believe the Father is preparing us to wear the mantle of holiness in this new season of Praise; holiness, virtue and godly values is the foundation behind this new wave of visitation that will be long-lasting. He wants the world to see His Through ordinary broken vessels like you and me, just being a light in an increasingly dark world that is crying out for the supernatural - you can see the hunger in the surging increase of 'supernatural' books in bookstores and movies. But the light shines brightest in the dark...

The bible says that the whole creation is "crying out for the manifestation of the sons of God". That's us! We were meant to manifest His glory in our everyday lives, not necessarily as Pastors or Evangelists or Prophets etc., but as Kevins and Chiagozies and Dirks! What a thought! But oh so true! If only we can grasp that we don't have to be a 'famous preacher' to do the works of the Lord...meditate on this, selah!

I pray that the eyes of your understanding may be enlightened that you may know the truth of His Word; and also that you remember in this New Year that you have the mind of Christ. Prophesy spiritually over all that concerns you and declare the glory over your atmosphere!
Let us walk in it. Help us to grasp this reality in 2008 Father, amen.

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Waiter Sets the Tone

I’m onto this waiter theme again…

Our family was recently at a restaurant and the waiter showed us to our table which I immediately didn’t like; it was right in the middle and we would probably have to keep moving for people to go by. So I asked for another table and she immediately replied that none was available.

Another waiter came by and suggested she take us to another section where corner tables were, but she wasn’t eager to do this and eventually my hungry husband went off to help himself to the enticing buffet not understanding what the fuss was about, while I sat down reluctantly with an increasingly sulky attitude….did I enjoy the rest of the lunch? You guessed it, no!

The waiter had set the tone for me and it hindered my appetite or “receiving mode”. That’s how it is when we wait on the Lord with a grumpy and ungrateful attitude, there’s less chance of receiving anything from Him. Also, the blessings go right over your head when they come because you’re too busy making a fuss over what you didn’t get in the past, that you miss the new things He's doing.

Hebrews 6:15 - And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised.

Unstop The Wells!

A loud cry
comes forth from the sky,
Just believe that
this is the start
of your miracles…
Throw up your hands
and rejoice in bounds
now is the time…
A voice of authority
giving top priority

Lord, send forth Your deluge...
Come and tabernacle with us in this new season!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Victory is Sure...

I've been away from my blog for about 2 months now, catching up on the mundane and tying up loose ends that couldn't be put off but during these two months I've also been meditating.

Victory is sure, that's what has been hammering over and over in my head as I faced one challenge after the other these past couple of months. I know how to abase and abound, the Apostle Paul said...but do we?

I must confess I love the 'abounding' phases of my life but the 'abasing' phase usually comes first so that I can abound wisely and with humility and compassion; sometimes we even abase and abound together. In my family, here we are rejoicing over having our Dad back after a long absence due to travels but at the same time, my heart is heavy with compassion and intercession as I agree with a close friend for a complete healing of cancer. But isn't that how our christian walk is, full of real-life examples and opportunities to share His joy and compassion all at the same time.

Nothing is impossible...the tide comes in at night not in the day, so victory is assured even in our most broken places. I believe that we're finally coming into a phase and lifestyle of victory that will be a part of us as we keep proclaiming and believing what we have been reading for years in the Word.

I find myself in the second half of this year being more sure of His Word and believing that our time of re-visitation is very near - I am so anxious to see the manifest glory of His presence on the earth that it's like a deep passionate well of hunger within me, spouting forth at the first sign of revival! Come Lord!